This is one of the most special days you will ever create.  Why settle for anything traditional.  Let me help you with prayers to the Creator, to create the perfect ceremony spiritually and energetically. Using prayer, and her  indigenous teachings and practices, she will clear space and hold that space to unite you both in spiritual way that is truly yours and blessed by the creator and the universe!  



One of the most beautiful experiences in the world is the birth of a new baby.  You did everything you could for nine months to assure your new little one is delivered as safe and sound as possible, why stop there.  With prayer and creating a positive energetic space let her open up to spirit and clear the energy in the birthing area and maintain the space energetically while you are performing the most sacred ceremony on this earth!



For most people, this is such an emotional time.  Most people feel lost and don't know what to do during the time when a loved on is passing.  This is a time also when we start asking that question "what really happens when we die".  Let Lorianna Yvonne help!  Using prayer, energy practices, her indigenous teachings, she will do everything she has learned and instructed  by spirit, to help you, or your loved one, pass into the spirit world with peace and serenity.  Using non traditional western practices she is grateful to the creator and spirit for instilling the desire and instruction to help.  She is grateful to be able to offer these ways.