Group readings

Small Group Readings


You choose Mediumship or Psychic Session

In a small group session, of 2 to 5 people, Lorianna will give each person a . These sessions usually last around 2 hours with question and answers session.  These reading are done at a location of your choice.

Call or message for pricing

Large Group Readings


For groups from 6 to 10 people. In these large group readings, Lorianna will give a mini session of their choice to each individual.  These group sessions are at a location of your choice.

There are venue options available for an additional charge.

Please call for pricing, as pricing varies       with each groups unique needs.

Audience Events


These events are where Lorianna Yvonne and another fellow medium will deliver messages from spirit in an audience type setting usually consist of 13 + people.  Please call or email for venue or pricing.