Using her energy work experience from the last 30 years, her medium ability to connect with spirit, and her native american practices Lorianna will open to spirit, become the vessel Spirit has blessed her to be and allow healing from spirit.

In these sessions you will experience and feel energy and spirit.  People usually are peaceful or exhilarated afterward.   In the sessions Lorianna will allow spirits energy to pass through her into you and do the healing and most people have said they can feel it.  Lorianna might use light touch, drumming, signing her native songs, earth stones or other spiritual tools.  Lorianna completely lets herself be guided by spirit in these sessions!

Lorianna will consult with you before the session begins so you are aware of some of the things you might experience, however, she will never try to control the healing spirit will do and does not put a time limit.  Please allow for 1-2 hours.

It's important for Lorianna to keep the healing sessions in the old traditions, therefore the suggested, but not expected donation is $175