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For an appt call (530) 906-5588

For an appt call (530) 906-5588

For an appt call (530) 906-5588For an appt call (530) 906-5588For an appt call (530) 906-5588

About Lorianna Yvonne


Lorianna Yvonne is an Evidential Psychic Medium, Energy Meditation Expert and Teacher, Spiritual Coach and Ordained Minister.

She has studied under world renown Evidential Psychic Mediums, attended classes at Arthur Findley College in Europe and Berkeley Psychic Institute in Sacramento for Mediumship. 

Using  her medium and psychic abilities, energy meditations and ceremonial practices she offers private readings, small and large group readings, large audience events, space/houses clearings, ceremonies and teaches psychic mediumship and energy meditation classes.  She also offers spiritual counseling.

Lorianna inherited her abilities from both her parents through their mixture of Bohemian, Celtic, Nordic and Native American heritage.

For 28 years she has practiced energy and massage therapy

and is a graduate of Healing Arts Institute 


She has studied meditation with Leonardo Anfonsli, a zen buddhist monk and monks from Gaden Shartse Montesary


For 25 plus years she has practiced her teachings from her indigenous native american spirituality 

Services Offered

Soul (Psychic) Session


Medium Session


Dual Soul/Medium Session


Small and Large Group Readings


Audience Events

Private readings are done in person, by phone or skype. 


Mediumship Course with Paul Jacobs and Melinda Kushner

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Paul is one of the world’s leading spiritual mediums he was one of a few mediums to be trained and mentored by Gordon Higginson, one of the finest mediums of the last century.  He has an outstanding reputation for quality and accurate evidence. He is the director of the House of Spirit in Germany, and a long standing course organizer and tutor at the Arthur Findlay College.  He has dedicated over 30 years of his life reuniting people with their loved ones in spirit.  Paul’s work has taken him across the globe, teaching and demonstrating in many different countries.  

Melinda is an Evidential Spiritual Medium that specializes in spiritual and psychic connectivity, mentorship, and is a life coach. With the knowledge she’s gained from over 25 years of professional Mediumship experience, she wants to create a world with a better understanding and connection with spirits and self, and enjoys teaching others to enhance there abilities.

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 I came to Lorianna skeptical, but desperate for closure. My grandmother died without a chance to say goodbye, and she was absolutely my everything. Lorianna immediately gave me overwhelmingly more information than I thought possible just from sitting down with her, and I knew she was exactly who I was looking for. She read extremely personal information off of me, and the emotional safe space provided allowed me to release years of built up emotions so easily. My energy has shifted and I feel like an entirely new person. I have never felt closer to my grandmother, and I know she is with me despite her lack of physical body. Lorianna is absolutely an amazing medium; I would love to work with her again. She has great healing energy and is changing lives without a doubt. Thank you so much Lorianna!....Charolette W.

"I received a reading from Ms. Lorianna via phone.  The reading was not only accurate but also life changing and heart releasing.  I would confidently recommend and encourage anyone searching for answers or closure to see Ms. Lorianna."  Christy Hall 

Recently I went to  Lorianna to receive an hour long / open medium and life path- souL to soul reading . This experience was absolutely divine and on point   ! My best friend  and grampA both came through expressing precise,  intimate , and deeply personal information  saying word for word remarks only they  would say  . Lorianna's deep  and profound intuition pinpointed every question and concern that I came to her with to a T ! And even more ! It was trulY one of the most profound and amazing experiences of my life . The questions answered and surprising information that was revealed through her  and spirit has helped me release and heal trauma I  didNt even know was there that has been him holding me back . Ever sense I have made clarity based decisions on my career path , been practicing vital exercises she recommended to help me day to day , and I am even more connnected to spirit and my  life path more than I have ever  before ! She offers affordable prices , a sacred and warm atmosphere, and a personality of gold ! I'll never go anywhere else !!!! I am more of a believer than I eVer have been before ! I Recommend her 100/10 !!!!!...Alexandria